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Catch a Cooking Demo Online with Ciara’s Kitchen

Ciara’s Kitchen Cookery School in Delgany, Co Wicklow has had to change the way they operate in recent times. With social distancing restricting the reopening of Ciara’s Kitchen, Ciara has had to find a way to adapt and a new way to operate.

For the last 10 years Ciara has held cooking demonstrations a number of times per week from her kitchen, holding up to 15 people at a time who gather around her long kitchen island and watch as she prepares up to 8 dishes which they eat as they are ready. Its great craic and as much a social gathering as it is a cookery lesson.

After receiving lots of enquiries about giving her classes online she ‘bit the bullet’ and has been running them for almost a month now using the ‘zoom’ meeting room online platform which is proving very successful.

Ciara demonstrates three dishes with the recipes sent in advance for people to cook along if they so wish. Ciara also sends what equipment will be required and also what needs to be chopped and prepared beforehand. There is no pressure to cook along. Some people prefer to just watch and learn.

It is still very interactive with her husband Ronan managing the chatroom and then Ciara jumps on afterwards for a further Q&A. 

There are plenty of these online cooking demos coming up:

Saturday 20th June 4pm – BBQ

Wednesday 24th June 7pm – Quick Family Friendly Pasta Dishes

Saturday 27th June 4pm – Summer Entertaining

Wednesday 1st July 7pm – Family Dinners

Saturday 4th July 11am – Cook-a-Long for Parents & Kids (Healthy-ish!)

€20 per screen. For more information please contact Ciara