22 Bar & Restaurant Fire Place
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This New Stylish Bar and Restaurant Just Opened at Castleknock Hotel

Award-winning Castleknock Hotel offers a bubble of serene comfort just outside Dublin city, besides Phoenix Park. Now they have added a new and stylish venue to the already enticing range of amenities they feature: 22 Bar & Restaurant, a sophisticated and spacious dinning option with a menu that takes inspiration from Southern Italy and Sicily, with a local twist.

The style of cooking is uncomplicated and approachable, trattoria style with emphasis on the ingredients and flavour taking priority on the plate. Relaxing surroundings and dishes suitable for sharing are part and parcel of the enjoyment of food, and that’s how they want you to enjoy it.

22 Bar & Restaurant Fire Place

22 Bar & Restaurant at Castlenkock Hotel is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and guests can find classic Italian dishes such as arancini, Italian meat platters, pizzas, and several pasta mains, as well as some international favourites.

22 Bar & Restaurant Fire Place

Its drink menu combines a mix of popular cocktails like Espresso Martini, Negroni and Mojito, along with some creative concoctions like Honey & Mango Margarita or Akasai-Tai Honjzu Martini. Their wine list offers 50 options to choose from, and spirit sippers will be equally spoiled for choice with the venue’s remarkable selecion of gins and Irish whiskey.

More information: castleknockhotel.com