Castle Durrow
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Castle Durrow Celebrates 300th Anniversary with Exclusive Garden Party

2016 is a big year for Ireland, in particular for the Stokes family who own and operate Castle Durrow in County Laois. This year the 18th century castle celebrated its 300th anniversary and the occasion was marked by an exclusive garden party in the stunning grounds.

Building started on the castle in 1712 and was completed in 1716. The Flower family continued to improve and expand the castle and its grounds over the next 214 years and for most of the 20th century the castle was home to a convent and a school.

In the 1990s the castle was taken over by the Stokes family who began extensive renovations on the historical building. The family now run the castle and provide a warmth and hospitality that is unique to Castle Durrow.

The Stokes invited family, friends and members of the media to their birthday celebrations which featured live music from local traditional and jazz groups. Guests enjoyed a range of delicious drinks and nibbles while the BBQ was fired up and families enjoyed garden party games like croquet

Speaking at the garden party, owners Peter and Shelly Stokes said, “We couldn’t be happier to call Castle Durrow our business and home and to be able to celebrate its 300th Birthday as its present owners. Castle Durrow is a magical place and we hope everyone will enjoy it for many many years to come.”

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