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Avocado Toast
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You Can No Longer Blame Millennials for Avocado Toast

You’re probably slightly sick of hearing about the breakfast craze du jour, Avocado Toast, as it has steadily become the go-to brunch dish of the Millennial set. If you didn’t see an Instagram post of the ubiquitous breakfast at the weekend, did you even have a weekend?

After a controversial statement by an Australian millionaire Tim Gurner, suggesting that Millennials can’t afford a deposit for a house because they spend all their money on Avocado Toast, the seemingly inoffensive dish became the symbol for the frivolity of this age group.

However, it seems that Generation Y can’t actually be blamed for the invention of the dish, as it has been revealed that it dates back 90 years to a recipe featured in the San Francisco Chronicle on April 8th, 1927.

Avocado Toast History 1

While “mashing the flesh” of the avocado doesn’t create the most appetising visual, the recipe advises mixing the smashed avo with lemon juice, cracked black pepper and sea salt and spreading on toast for an easy breakfast or lunch.

While it was far from brunch and avocado toast our grandparents here in Ireland were raised, Americans in the 1920’s are to blame, or thank depending on your avo toast views, for the most popular dish of recent times. That said, they can’t take the fall for the modern day young adult’s compulsion to photograph and show off their pimped up toast.

Love it or hate, Avocado Toast has been around for almost a century, and doesn’t look like its going away any time soon!

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