Camera Shy? TV Show ‘First Dates’ is Looking for Background Daters

First Dates Ireland

Single and looking for love? But not the notoriety and possible embarrassment that having your love life broadcast to the nation might bring? It’s understandable that many would prefer to forget in particular those cringe-worthy first date moments, and not have them committed to TV, to be regurgitated, re-winded and replayed.

Such camera shy singeltons would be interested to know  that the Irish version of the hit Channel 4 show ‘First Dates‘ is seeking applicants to take part in the infamous dating show as ‘background daters’.

Production company COCO Television will give successful applicants the unique opportunity to experience the mystery and, hopefully, magic of the first date restaurant, setting them up on a real blind date without the added pressure of being on camera. At best you will find the love of your life, and at the very least you will get to enjoy a delicious meal.

Though it appears Irish people are not as camera shy as you might think, as producers were flooded with thousands of applications, from people apparently happy to have every moment and mouthful of their first date aired. Although initially short of male suitors, they have now selected all the first-daters and now all that’s left is to fill the room with other tables of two.

The UK version of the show has a huge following, with viewers fascinated by the dating hits and misses of number of blind dates taking place in the same restaurant, overseen by  charming love guru and Maitre D, Fred.

One particular hit has blossomed into full scale romance, Victoria Wills met Scott White after the pair were matched on the show and after a recent proposal the couple hopes to marry in 2016.

The programme is due to air on RTÉ 2 in early 2016, with filming taking place in a Dublin restaurant, yet to be revealed, in between January 15th and 18th.

If you’d like to apply visit and fill out an application. With the secret location and celebrity Maitre D to be announced closer to the time, keep an eye on COCO TV on twitter and facebook for updates.

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