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Dublin Cocktail Fest
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Calling All Cocktail Bars!

Great Irish Beverages are proud to present the second instalment of Dublin Cocktail Fest.

Taking place on October 12th – 17th in venues across the city, this will be a cocktail festival with a uniquely Irish twist. All of the venues specially made drinks will contain an Irish spirit or liqueur as their leading ingredient!

Every participating venue will be asked to come up with a special cocktail to sell for the week at a discount to anyone who has a festival wristband. The wristbands will cost €5 and will be available at each of the venues and they can be used all week in all of the participating venues.

Each of the cocktails must contain an Irish spirit or liqueur as their primary ingredient. So if you want to run with an Old Fashioned, it’s got to have an Irish whiskey. Or if you want to feature a martini, it has to lead with an Irish gin or vodka. And if you’d like something sweeter, well then there’s plenty of Irish liqueurs to look at.

The whiskey and spirits industry is thriving once again in Ireland. Distilleries are opening up across the country crafting everything from single pot still whiskies, premium gins and vodkas to old school poitíns and liqueurs infused with wild Irish berries. Cocktails are a fantastic way to enjoy such drinks and Dublin is heavily populated with bars, restaurants and hotels who are now experts at mixing and serving them up.

The city’s bartenders have a massive love for native Irish drinks. They have been quietly developing menus that are more and more focused on what’s being distilled in Ireland. Local people and local bartenders want to discover what can be done with local spirits and liqueurs.

All of these factors led us to believe that Irish cocktail culture needs to have a spotlight put on it.

If you would like your venue to take part get in touch

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