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Caffè Vergnano
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Caffè Vergnano Celebrates World Coffee Day With Tour of Historic Cafes of Turin


Caffè Vergnano, one of Italy’s oldest and best-known coffee brands, is marking World Coffee Day with an incredible insight into how its premium coffee is made.

With an exclusive tour arranged for Coca-Cola HBC, Caffè Vergnano’s partner, the famed coffee company is highlighting the best of Turin during a day long tour around the city’s historic cafès and Caffè Vergnano’s own production facility in the town of Santena.

Caffè Vergnano is a family-owned Italian coffee company, which is one of the oldest coffee roasters in Italy with roots dating back to 1882. Caffè Vergnano’s product offering consists of truly premium, high-quality coffee that represents Italian heritage and authenticity at its best. Its portfolio includes traditional espresso in various blends, packages and formats such as beans, roast and ground coffee and single portioned pods. It launched across the island of Ireland in late 2022 after Coca-Cola HBC acquired the rights to supply Caffè Vergnano in 28 of its business units in 2021.  

A real taste sensation, the premium coffee brand is in its 141st year. Founded by Domenico Vergnano in 1882, the coffee is now available in over 90 countries around the world.

Caffè Vergnano

Speaking on World Coffee Day, Chief Executive of Caffè Vergnano, Carolina Vergnano said:

“World Coffee Day is an incredible opportunity to showcase the very best of our business and the wider coffee sector around the globe. We are thrilled to have guests from across the Coca-Cola HBC business operations join us for these special celebrations.

“I am especially thrilled to welcome guests from the island of Ireland. Earlier this year I had the pleasure of visiting Dublin and seeing firsthand the amazing coffee culture that exists. The hospitality sector in Ireland has a strong tradition and an increasing reputation for quality food and drink, and despite challenges, the industry continues to thrive and delight consumers. I believe our traditions and premium offering at Caffè Vergnano are an ideal partner for Ireland’s hospitality sector

Reflecting on World Coffee Day, and Caffè Vergnano’s first year in the Island of Ireland, Niall Kidd, Coffee Business Manager at Coca-Cola HBC said;

“It has been fantastic to see the growth of Caffè Vergnano across the island of Ireland over the past year. Ireland’s premium coffee market is continuing to grow, and Caffè Vergnano really holds its own it terms of quality and great taste, which is evidenced by its growing sales in coffee shops, hotels and restaurants in all corners of the island, from Portrush to Cork.

“We are incredibly proud to be working alongside the Caffè Vergnano team to be telling the amazing story of the brand’s 141-year history and aligning on our shared sustainable and ethical values to provide that perfect cup of coffee to the Irish and Northern Irish markets.

“As we continue to grow the brand across Ireland and Northern Ireland, we look forward to developing coffee taste’s and truly bringing Italian coffee to the forefront of the Irish market.

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