A Coffee Bar Without Coffee Machines At The Old Barracks Roastery

Old Barracks Roastery

Is it possible to have a coffee bar without coffee machines and still make great coffee? Modbar, a custom bar flow design, makes this fantasy a reality.

Alan Andrews’s team at the Old Barracks Roastery, Birdhill, County Tipperary, will be the first in Europe to introduce the innovative gravimetric Modbar system for the ultimate coffee experience.

What’s so special about Modbar? Thanks to its flawless and flexible design, Modbar puts the whole workflow on display to allow coffee drinkers experience every step of the coffee brewing process, from bean grinding to serving a cup of excellent coffee.

Old Barracks Roastery

The coffee bar is turned into a stage, with all the machinery out of sight, leaving a blank canvas and slick tools for a barista to work with. The customer has a complete line of sight from wherever they sit in the unique coffee island to watch the espresso as it brews.

Modbar systems are about building a unique workplace. Everything is about precision, proportions and attention to detail.

Thanks to the pioneering gravimetric and temperature control, Modbar coffee machines measure the exact weight of espresso shots poured into a cup, delivering the right amount of coffee at the right temperature every time.

Old Barracks Roastery

The Old Barracks Roastery and Coffee Bar has opted for Modbar’s grouping of two espresso taps and a steamer. These custom combinations of a barista’s everyday tools not only improve the overall flow but also elevate the vision and aesthetics a coffee house.

Modbar is part of the La Marzocco family, which specialises in high-end professional espresso coffee machines. To learn more about Modbar, visit The Old Barracks Roastery’s website for details.

The ModBar setup is just one of many innovations that the Old Barack Roastery will use in its new coffee bar-shop-roastery complex.

Old Barracks Roastery

For example, for tea lovers, the baristas use a high-end boiler from Marco, an Irish-based global hot water delivery system. This will ensure a quality brew prepared at the right temperature.

As part of the Bag Loyalty Programme, the roastery uses recyclable SuperGrainbag to tackle non-recyclable waste.

They also have an on-site composter and use the compost in their community garden. And these are just some of their innovative highlights!

Old Barracks Roastery

Open since July 1st, the Old Barracks Roastery team have spent the past 4 months setting out and building this new coffee haven which features some collections and memorabilia from Andrews coffee farm visits and coffee shows over the past decade.

Thanks to this roastery-coffee bar set-up, you will be able to get the ultimate coffee experience. Enjoy a sit-in with fellow coffee fans while travelling through some of the best coffee farms in Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi one cup at a time.

Old Barracks Roastery

The experts are around to talk all things coffee, ranging from coffee roasting and brewing methods to latte art pours to coffee subscriptions.

Located in Ireland’s tidiest village Birdhill, County Tipperary, The Old Barracks Coffee Roastery has been nicknamed the Ballymaloe of Coffee.

This new exciting project combines a state-of-art artisan coffee roastery, a gorgeous petite café and a barista training facility all under one roof.

Planning your visit? Check out our website for more information on the openings hours and location. We hope to see you all soon!


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