Accio Cocktail! Here’s Where you Can Drink Harry Potter’s Butterbeer in Dublin

Accio Cocktail! Here's Where you Can Drink Harry Potter's Butterbeer in Dublin

Harry Potter’s world is filled with magical food and drink: from lavish Christmas feasts to the unpredictably delicious or disgusting Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, but undoubtedly one of the most popular is butterbeer. If you’re fanof the books or the films, you’ll remember the beverage, described as being as tasting a “little bit like less-sickly butterscotch.”

While Hogwarts students can easily order a pint when visiting Hogsmeade, us muggles have it a little bit harder if we want to indulge in the fictional drink, however, Dublin’s only “bring your own cocktail bar”, Drop Dead Twice on Francis Street, has made magic and it’s now mixing two versions of Harry Potter’s butterbeer in real life.

Accio Cocktail! Here's Where you Can Drink Harry Potter's Butterbeer in Dublin

The recipes, by wizard bartender Mick Jennings include a caramel version and one with a coffee twist. The first is a mix of vanilla, honey, caramel, lager, apple juice, egg whites and spirit (they recommend vodka or gin), while the second combines coffee, butterscotch, vanilla, cream float and spirit (vodka or whiskey are the house’s recommendations for this one).

The venue works in a different way to most bars, and to enjoy their creations, you are expected to book a table and bring your own spirit. Once there, their skilled bartenders will combine it with homemade syrups and other fine ingredients to craft cocktails to your liking, tell them what you like and they’ll surprise you.

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