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Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide
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Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide: Showcasing Exceptional Irish Talent

Sponsored: Brought to you by Bushmills

Bushmills Irish Whiskey has partnered with premium Irish brands and craftspeople to create an exclusive Christmas Wishlist. Showcasing whiskey-inspired culinary delights, opulent drinking vessels, and exquisite home gifts, this collection ensures the finest gifts for whiskey enthusiasts, simplifying holiday shopping and allowing more time to savour the festive season. 

8oz Drinks Flask – Sip Hip

 Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

The Harris Tweed Range is ideal for the ramblers, adventurers and those looking a softer, textured pouch to conceal the elixir within. The pouch is perfectly moulded to fit the flask, the feel is snug, with a pleasing weight in your hand. This isn’t a flask for a display cabinet, but for your life.

Price: €67.00

A Whiskey at Nancy’s Soy CandleThe Bearded Candle Makers

Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

Inspired by Nancy’s pub in Ardara, Donegal, this scent is rich with teakwood and honey to bring out the deep whiskey cask notes. Reminiscent too of old books and young leather. Every candle is developed, blended, hand-poured and finished in Co. Down. Each scent is an original blend and comes with a care guide and postcard to share the inspiration behind the scent.

Price: €20.00

Black Bush Hot Chocolate – Grá Chocolates

Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

Working with Bushmills, Gráinne has found harmony between aromatic and characterful Black Bush whiskey and a bespoke velvety chocolate pairing to create a new limited edition Grá Chocolates x Bushmills Black Bush hot chocolate. Each box is packed with real chocolate, and a few secret ingredients. The resealable box means each cup will taste as rich and satisfying as the last. This is your new go-to hot chocolate for any occasion!

Price: €20.00

Irish Whiskey Marmalade – Erne Larder

Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

Made locally here in Northern Ireland, Co Fermanagh, with its unique whisky flavouring, this is the perfect Northern Irish marmalade. Erne Larder is a local family run preserve business from Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. It was founded by local chef Declan O’Donoghue in October 2016.

Price: €5.95

800ml Square Decanter – Belfast Crystal

Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

Belfast Crystal is an exclusive lead crystal hand cut in a time-honoured process with exact dedication to detail and quality. This square decanter just oozes quality. Enjoy your favourite Bushmills Malt from this decanter today.

Price: €115.00

Black Bush Whiskey Tea – Suki Tea

Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

With a mutual pursuit of quality and flavour, the team at SUKI have collaborated with Bushmills Irish Whiskey to introduce Black Bush X SUKI loose leaf tea pyramids! Uniting the best of Ceylon black tea, Rooibos and spices, this unique blend serves a deep, rich fruitcake flavour profile that lingers on the palate, making it a favourite for many tea…and whiskey enthusiasts.

Price: €13.95

Whiskey Infused Balsamic Vinegar – Burren Balsamics

Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

This product has been naturally aged for two years in Irish Whiskey Barrels from the oldest distillery in Ireland. Produced for centuries in the Modena region, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena follows a strict, unique process that yields a product like no other. It is in the heart of this region that the best grapes are picked, to be left for long cooking hours to obtain the grape must.

Price: €35.00

Irish Whiskey Glass – Túath Glass

Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

Túath is the old Irish for people, tribe or nation as in Tuatha Dé Danann (“People of the godess Danu”, a supernatural race in Irish mythology). The Túath glass was created specifically for the enjoyment of Irish whiskey, a lot of thought, care and time has gone in to creating the Túath glass.

Price: €9.95

Whiskey Tumbler Box Set – Celtic Clays

Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

The perfect gift for that special celebration “Irish Style”. A beautiful box set containing two rustic whiskey tumblers decorated with a Celtic Spiral of Life. Celebrate or contemplate, a toast to life! Sláinte.

Price: €72.00

Bushmills 10 Year Old Single Malt

Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

The Bushmills 10 Year Old is a marriage of single malts matured for at least 10 years in hand-selected bourbon barrels and sherry butts. Zesty and fresh on the nose, followed by notes of ripe fruit, creamy vanilla and soft toasted wood.

Price: €48.50

Bushmills 16 Year Old Single Malt

Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

The Bushmills 16 Year Old is a marriage of single malts matured for at least 16 years in hand-selected Oloroso sherry butts and bourbon barrels, then finished in port pipes for up to a year. This triple casking transforms the colour to a beautiful ruby red and adds layers of juicy sun-ripened dark fruit and berries, complex almond nuttiness and a treacly vanilla spice.

Price: €110.00

Bushmills 21 Year Old Single Malt

Bushmills Whiskey Gift Guide

The Bushmills 21 Year Old is a marriage of single malts matured for at least 19 years in hand-selected Oloroso sherry butts and bourbon barrels, then finished in Madeira casks for a further two years. This unusually long finishing period allows our single malt to patiently mellow, mature and pick up deeper notes of ripe fruit and dried raisins from the fortified Portuguese wine casks. The 21 Year Old is only crafted in limited numbers.

Price: €199.95

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