The Best Possible Taste Podcast – The Burren Slow Food Festival And More

Burren Slow Food Festival

In this week’s Best Possible Taste Podcast, we hear about the Burren Slow Food Festival and much more. Firstly, Sharon takes us through the culinary side of poet Michael Hartnett.

While discovering Michael’s culinary side, Sharon hears about the upcoming Pulled Pork and Poetry event, which is part of the 2018 Eigse programme.

Also on this week’s podcast is Theresa Storey from the Green Apron, who shares her plans to start a tea plantation at her home in Co. Limerick.

Finally, Janet O’Toole, presenter of the Food Show on CCR, speaks to Birgitta Hedin Curtin about the 2018 Burren Slow Food Festival.

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