Is This Knife Designed Specifically for Burgers Necessary? For Burger Obsessives, Yes.


Burgers were designed to be one of life’s simple pleasures, a cheap and cheerful solution to our comfort food cravings.

But in recent years simplicity has been replaced by a choice of ten toppings and just to top that off there has now been a knife designed specifically for burgers – and it costs $100.

Hate when the tip of your knife isn’t rounded enough for even sauce distribution? Frustrated by the fact that you can’t your loaded burger perfectly in half without a serrated edge on your knife?

Well, German cutlery empire Wüsthof has created a solution for you: a knife designed specifically for dressing and cutting burgers.


According to their website, you can “use the wide, rounded tip to spread condiments, the serrated edge to cut cleanly through buns and toppings, and the straight edge to slice through the burger without tearing.”

Essentially the knife combines three very different knives into a single piece of cutlery.

And with 5.5-inches of carbon stainless steel the knife can handle the heartiest of burgers.


Last week cutlery and burgers again collided in the media with the French caused furore when McDonald’s was revealed they would become the first country to offer knives and forks to tackle the “signature” gourmet buns.

Do you need the Wusthof Gourmet Burger Knife? Probably not. But with stocks of the knife, sold in sets of four, selling out quickly online it seems that the ability to preserve a buns immaculate shape when cutting is worth a lot to some people – $99.95 to be exact.

You can buy your own set of Wusthof Gourmet Burger Knives on Amazon.

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