Bulmers Dares to Be an #Outcider with New Product Launch

Bulmers Dares to Be an #Outcider with New Product Launch

There’s a new cider in town and it goes by the name Outcider. A sweet cider with plenty of edge, a just-right balance of bitter and sweet Irish apples means that it’s appley sweet without being sickly sweet.

From the creators of Bulmers, Outcider is sweeter than its big brother and its launch means there’s now even greater choice for street-savvy cider lovers.

Marketing director Belinda Kelly said, “Whilst Bulmers is still number one, there is plenty of opportunity for a new Irish cider of the same great quality but that offers a different taste experience. Product innovation has always been essential to the evolution of our cider portfolio. It helps keep the market alive and continuously brings something new to consumers such as lower calorie or fruit flavoured ciders. Outcider has been launched in response to a generation that is looking for something new – with attitude.”

It is estimated that one in five adults in Ireland drinks cider. This represents 13% of the total alcohol market. Today, Bulmers remains the number one cider in Ireland with an 86% share of the on-trade and 47% of the off-trade markets.

“This new cider is going to appeal to a whole new audience that likes a certain sweetness to their drink. It’s a brand for those who are street smart and who like to do things differently.” said Belinda Kelly. She added that this attitude is reflected the brand’s artwork, designed by Dublin graffiti artist, James Earley.” Outcider’s multi-coloured packing was influenced by Jame’s family’s heritage.

Made in Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Outcider is now available in the on-trade on draught and in the off-trade in 500 ml can and 8-pack can formats, with an ABV of 4.5%.

Outcider is the outsider in C&C Gleeson’s portfolio of drinks and is only available in Ireland.

More information bulmers.ie and using the hashtag #FindTheOUTCIDER

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