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“Bucking” The Trend with Black Donkey Brewing by Simon Broderick

Buck It is the second beer to get a full release from the Black Donkey stable. I had it back in the Autumn when JJ Harlow’s in Roscommon had it on draught as a ‘Pilot’. To be honest, I didn’t fall head over heels in love with it then. I probably shouldn’t have had it at the same time as Rascal’s Big Hop Red. That hop assault on my senses meant I couldn’t fully appreciate the maltiness of Buck It. I told brewer Richard Siberry what I thought and he responded by reading the label notes to me: ‘What is this beer? An American amber? Maybe a little. An Irish Red? Probably not. A Belgian Dubbel? Not really. At Black Donkey Brewing, we don’t follow models, we buck trends… This beer borrows from all three… to make what is simply: A nice buckin’ beer.’ An elegant and eloquent response, I’m sure you’ll agree. (You’ll just have to imagine Richard reading that with his big voice and transatlantic twang!

The beer is brewed with Irish and Belgian malt and American hops and yeast. The malt really stands out. This is a rich and complex beer. It’s warm and something of a bittersweet symphony (apologies). I had it with a Steak and Kidney Pie. It was well able to match the hearty fare and I’d imagine it would go well with spicier food too. I had a wee drop left which I sipped alongside my dessert of Baked Alaska. This brought the sweetness to the fore. This is a truly unique beer, you need to try it for yourself. You can find it now in The Malt House, Athlone and other fine establishments. Sláinte!


Available to buy from Drink Store.ie

2015-03-03 18.28.08Simon Broderick aka Simon Says… You Really Should Drink This! Simon started his blog in September 2013. Since then he has built up a large audience of readers. He can also be found on Twitter. A passionate Advocate for Great beer, he set up the Athlone Beer Club in January 2014 and this has proven very popular with publicans and members alike in the Midlands. The future? Ireland’s second craft beer book perhaps! And a lot of beers.


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