This Bubble Tent in Australia Takes Camping Under The Stars to The Next Level

Have you always wanted to sleep under the stars but hate the idea of getting all dirty in nature? Introducing Bubble Tents. These translucent bubbles combine the best elements of camping and glamping for the ultimate stay in nature.

With all the benefits of camping under the stars (panoramic views, space to think etc), the bubble tents come with modern comforts to help you cope with the potential harshness of the outdoors.

The bubble tents are approximately 11 feet in diameter and are full of all the luxurious comforts of a hotel stay, from goose pillows and hot chocolate to champagne flutes and eye masks. There’s also a nifty telescope in the clear bubble, which is perfect for a spot of stargazing.

Worried about how you’ll upload those insta-worthy photos while staying in the bubble? Fear not, because your bubble paradise comes with a bluetooth speaker USB charges and an in-tent iPad with Spotify and a special stargazing app.

You can rent one of these incredible bubble rooms for €200 a night, totally worth it when you consider how unique this accommodation is! As their website says, “Get out of your bubble and get into ours”.

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