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These Bubble Hotels in Switzerland Are The Most Luxurious Way to Experience Nature

Bubble hotels and unique bubble accommodations are all the rage these days, from sleeping under the stars in a bubble tent in Australia, to staying wrapped up in a bubble in a Mexican vineyard.

And now you’ll find the newest bubble hotel in beautiful Switzerland. With spectacular views and an incredibly luxurious four poster bed, this accommodation has taken bubble accommodation to the next level.

Opening this year, the Thurgau Bubble-Hotel operates between March and October, with three permanent bubbles and one that changes location every two months (perfect for spontaneous people).

Each bubble has a double bed, two bedside tables and a table with two stools and battery-powered lamps. Bed linen and towels are provided and the bathroom and shower and just a short walking distance from the bubble.

If you’re staying in these bubbles and feel the urge to leave (though I can’t see why), you can avail of free admission to the Ittinger Museum and the Kunstmuseum Thurgau.

Prices for a stay in these peaceful, natural bubbles starts from CHF190 (€162) per night, including breakfast and a rental bike per person.

For more inspiration and to book your dream holiday, visit www.himmelbett.cloud/de/

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