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Watch: Brothers Paul and Gary O’Donovan Launch Bord Bia’s ‘Eggs: Fuel for a Busy Life Campaign’

Yesterday saw the launch of Bord Bia‘s Eggs: Fuel for a Busy Life. At the launch of the campaign were Silver Olympic medalists and ‘EggsOARdinary Rowers’ Paul and Gary O’Donovan, who have teamed up with Bord Bia to promote Ireland’s latest egg campaign. Watch the brother go head to head in the Bord Bia Eggs: Fuel for a Busy Life – The Champions Challenge video below.

As champion athletes, leading busy life-styles, eggs form an important part of the champion rowers protein-rich diets with each consuming up to 20 eggs a week.

Eggs are “quick and easy, between college and training, we have very little time, so cooking with eggs means that it takes only a short time to prepare quick and easy meals that are appetising. Great for us as we are definitely not chefs!” says Gary.

Paul and Gary O'Donovan 26/10/2016

While commenting on the importance and power of eggs in their lifestyles, Paul adds that “eggs have always been a key ingredient in our diet, not only for breakfast but also for lunch and dinner too. They are a proven source of high quality protein and essential amino acids which helps muscle tissue to repair itself, recover and grow after training. It’s amazing that something so small can pack such a healthy punch!”

Bord Bia’s campaign aims to encourage people to buy only “‘Quality Assured’ eggs which can be traced back to the farm”. As a reasonably nutritious source of protein and what more, “excellent value, at an average of €0.23 cent per egg” according to Teresa Brophy, Consumer and Trade Marketing Manager at Bord Bia, everyone is being encouraged to “get their six pack” and get cooking.

Paul and Gary O'Donovan 26/10/2016

“Egg sales have increased over the past year by 7% to nearly €120 million. This shows that more people are recognizing what a great choice eggs are for lunch and dinner. We encourage people when buying eggs to make sure they’re Quality Assured as this means that they are independently checked against Bord Bia’s highest standards and are traceable back to the farm,” Brophy continued.

Lover of all things eggs related, Emily Bradshaw from Cracked, a pop-up cafe devoted to promoting eggs, was also at the launch to lend her support to the campaign. “I just love creating mouth-watering dishes with eggs, which is the reason that I started Cracked”, commented Emily, “I wanted to spread the message that when it comes to healthy food, eggs are real superheroes.”

YouTube video

Check out some of Bord Bia’s ‘eggilicious’ recipes here.

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