BrewDog Sparks Conversation About Gender Gap with New “Beer for Girls”

BrewDog Sparks Conversation About Gender Gap with New "Beer for Girls"

BrewDog is no stranger to a bit of social commentary. The independent brewery has been vocal in the past about several issues and their most recent launch, Pink IPA, has highlighted the problems of gender pay inequality and sexist marketing.

Meant as satire, the beer’s label is bright pink and reads “Beer for Girls.” The beer itself is a twin of the brewery’s best-selling Punk IPA and it will be sold 20% cheaper (in BrewDog bars) to those who identify as women. The gesture is a nod to the much controversial gender pay gap that sees women earning less than their male counterparts in the workforce.

BrewDog Sparks Conversation About Gender Gap with New "Beer for Girls"

Four weeks after the launch, BrewDog plans to donate 20% of its proceeds from bottled Pink IPA and Punk IPA to causes that fight against gender inequality, one being The Women’s Engineering Society (WES) and 9to5. As part of the campaign, BrewDog has also launched, a pay that provides information on the gender pay gap in different countries as well as content related to the cause.

BrewDog’s Global Head of Marketing, Sarah Warman, commented: “Women make up a small but growing percentage of my peers within the beer industry, and with Pink IPA we are hoping to welcome more people who identify as female into craft beer. It’s an incredible industry to be a part of, and the more women we can get working behind the bar, the more women we can hope to see the other side of it.”

Tanisha Robinson, CEO of BrewDog USA added: “The beer industry has a duty to be representative of the people who drink beer. In practice, this means actively working toward inclusive work environments, rejecting sexist marketing and fighting societal stereotypes that push women away from spaces where beer is enjoyed. Pink IPA is our rallying call to brewers and beer fans to rise to the challenge and change the image of beer, forever.”

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