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Break the mould this Valentine’s Day with these fun ideas from Roe & Co Distillery

Whether it’s Valentine’s, Galentine’s or Palentine’s Day you’re celebrating this year, make sure to bring some fun and flavour to the table. Avoid clichés and try one of Roe & Co Distillery’s truly immersive experiences.

The Roe & Co Flavours and Blending Experiences are a great way to spend some quality time together while sharing a laugh as you make great memories. 

The Flavours Experience €23 is perfect for cocktail lovers who are eager to master their own blending skills and learn about the five key Pillars of Flavour – sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. You can choose a whiskey-based cocktail that suits your taste, and one of Roe & Co’s experts will help you bring your delicious drink to life. Following that, you can enjoy a tasty cocktail of your choice from the Power House Bar’s custom menu.

If you opt for the Blending Experience €28, you’ll learn about the Roe & Co 106 blend, taking a deep dive into distilling through to maturation and finally blending.  Finally, you’ll craft the perfect Old Fashioned before going to the Power House Bar for a cocktail.

For the cocktail enthusiast or the whiskey connoisseur, a Roe & Co experience is one gift you can be sure they’ll love.

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