The Sourdough That is Captivating a Nation – Bread 41, Pearse Street, Café Review

Unless you have been living under a rock you will have heard of Bread 41. Besides from being splattered all over my Instagram feed, the words on everybody’s lips are “sourdough, pastries, and CRUFFINS!”. With a tonne of quality cafe’s in Dublin we really are spoiled for choice, so I stopped by this new venue to see if it really lives up to the hype.

Before Bread 41 had even opened I wanted to visit this new Pearse Street café. Drooling over their Instagram pictures only fueled my desires to get my hands on one of their cruffins.

One rainy Wednesday, after deciding to finally make a visit, we arrived at a jam-packed café – it seems the word is well and truly out.  Deciding to skip the lunchtime rush we came back a little later where the café was still buzzing but with free seats for us to enjoy our coffee.

Behind the counter, I saw the owner and baker Eoin Cluskey. Baseball cap on backward, he looked laid back and cool, excitedly talking to a customer who has so many bags of bread I wondered how she’d carry them home.

My eyes were immediately drawn to the holy grail, the pastry I have been lusting over for weeks, the cruffin. With a quick order of two cruffins (€3.20 each), a chocolate croissant (€2.50), and an almond croissant (€2.90), the pastries were finally ours.  Not forgetting the all-important coffee; an oat milk latté (€3.50), flat white (€3.00) and two hot chocolates (€3.00 each).

Visually the pastries look amazing; the perfect golden colour where you can almost hear the crunch of the buttery dough.  My cruffin is huge, and a knife is needed to make this a more manageable bite. Inside is the most pretty pastel purple cream, that is by far one of the nicest sweet treats I’ve had in a long time.

This blueberry filling is a revelation in itself. The dough has a lightly sugar coated crisp exterior and is as light as air inside. The almond croissant is equally as tasty, with rich almond filling and walnuts on top for an extra bite, and the chocolate croissant is crisp on the outside with a fluffy interior.

But here, the cruffin reigns supreme. Have I mentioned cruffins enough? The coffee here is supplied by 3fe, so you can be pretty certain it’s going to be great, and my oat milk latte was particularly delicious.

Bread 41

Before we left I couldn’t resist buying a loaf of bread to take home (a sinfully moreish mixture of polenta and thyme) which was devoured so fast I am ashamed to tell you, but it was gorgeous. Bread 41 has hit the nail on the head here, faultless bread, tasty pastries, and damn good coffee. My next move is to return for brunch, and it should be yours too.

Bread 41
41 Pearse Street
Dublin 2

T: 087 297 7284


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