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Brand Spanking New, But Old Fashioned: Dubliner Irish Whiskey in Cahoots With Rascals Brewing

Introducing the new Dubliner Whiskey finished in ‘Old Fashioned’ Beer Casks from Rascals Brewing

The latest release from the Dubliner Irish Whiskey is a limited-edition collaboration with their Dublin 8 friends and co-conspirators, Rascal’s Brewing Co. 

This magnificent whiskey is inspired by the Old-Fashioned cocktail and rested in Rascals’ Blonde Ale beer casks. 

The Dubliner Whiskey is finished in beer barrels once filled with Rascals’ blonde ale, brewed with star anise, orange peel and zest. The result is a whiskey piqued with bright, exuberant, and playful flavours such as orange sorbet. 

You will need to be quick though -The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Old Fashioned Beer Cask edition is limited to 1,000 bottles, exclusively available to customers in Ireland now from for €35.

The Process

This latest collaboration sees the award-winning Dubliner Irish Whiskey share their ex-bourbon whiskey casks with fellow Dublin neighbour and independent Irish craft brewer, Rascal’s Brewing Co. The crafty Dublin 8 brewery filled the casks with their high quality, unfiltered and unpasteurised beer, and after a few months of finishing, the beer was bottled. 

The casks were returned to the Dubliner, with each cask refilled with The Dubliner Irish Whiskey. The casks held the flavours of the beer, having soaked into the wood, that are then exposed to the whiskey, marrying a delicious blend of flavours that will excite whiskey and beer fans alike. 

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