Bord Bia Releases Study on Ireland’s Breakfast Behaviour

Bord Bia has teamed up with RedC to find out about our habits at the breakfast table. During “The Breakfast Club” study they observed 2,700 adults and 800 children eating breakfast and asked them about their attitude to breakfast. The results of the study will inform the food industry’s innovation, branding and marketing opportunities over the coming months.

Bord Bia launched the report this morning with a presentation to over 50 Irish food and drink producers with a vested interest in breakfast including Flahavans, O’Brien Fine Foods and O’Egg.

Commenting on the research Paula Donoghue, Bord Bia’s Consumer Insight Manager, said, “It seems the assertion that breakfast is the most important meal of the day still rings true in Ireland despite our busier lifestyles. The research found that the most important consideration for people at breakfast time is health and most people (87%) eat breakfast at home as opposed to the office. Interestingly, almost 1 in 4 (23%) people have recently changed their breakfast choices for health reasons. For instance, some 44% claim to be cutting back on sugar, while 13% of people are trying to reduce their carbohydrate intake.”

The study found that almost 9 in 10 (87%) Irish people are eating breakfast every day with a slight increase at weekends. Those who never or rarely eat it are single and young adults in the 21-29 category.

Half of Irish people eat breakfast alone which accounts for the rise in multitasking while eating with 41% of adults checking emails and social media at breakfast.

Bread and toast tops the survey as Ireland’s favourite midweek breakfast for one third of people. This is followed by porridge (25%), cereals (19%), eggs (18%) and fruit (17%).

Tea has come out on top as the breakfast drink of choice at 44%, followed by coffee at 28%. Only 4% of Irish people have embraced the smoothie and juice movement.

We are a very predictable nation too as 3 in 4 of us know exactly what we will be eating every day and only 7% of Irish people very their weekday diet. With people dedicating more time to breakfast at the weekend it is not surprising that figure increases to 18%.

In line with Irish adults, 85% of Irish kids eat breakfast at home with cereal being the top choice as parents know they will eat it. According to the study though, Irish parents want breakfast options that are healthy, low cost and easy to prepare.

People are embracing the al desko breakfast in their workplaces as many are facing longer commutes. Some are preparing breakfast at home and then eating it in the office because there is a strong desire to still keep to a healthy diet.

The study was carried out by Bord Bia’s Consumer Insights Team who develop research to create specialist category knowledge. This summer Bord Bia will open The Thinking House, a new insight centre located in their Dublin offices, designed to help companies ensure the consumer is at the heart of everything they do.

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