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The Sausage of Your Dreams – Butcher Creates G&T infused Boozy Sausages

Hoping to squeeze the last bit of fun out of the summer? Then gin-infused sausages could be for you. A butcher has come up with his very own line of boozy sausages, because it’s not a party until a sausage comes out!

McCartney’s of Moira, a Belfast-based butchers, has added gourmet gin sausages to to their selection of alcohol-infused meats. As well as gin, they also produce Kopperberg flavoured sausages.

Judith, who is the sixth generation of her family to work at the butchers, said the new sausages are going down really well with customers.

Speaking to Metro, she said: “This summer has seen the launch of two new sausage flavours with the Kopperberg Pear Cider Pork Sausage and a Gin & Tonic Pork Sausage proving to be a big hit with customers.”

She added: “With the summer weather in Northern Island being very hit and miss, we were looking for something a bit different to spark interest in this year’s summer BBQ season.

Deciding to revisit an old pear sausage recipe and then adding a twist by using the ever-popular Kopperberg pear cider alongside real pears the combo makes for a deliciously sweet and succulent pork sausage which is great for customers looking for something different for the BBQ.”

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