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Bonsai Bento
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Dylan McGrath Unveils Exciting New Bonsai Bento Dining Experience at Bonsai Bar

Dylan McGrath​ has elevated the Japanese-inspired food experience at his Bonsai Bar restaurant in Dublin city centre with the introduction of a new Bonsai Bento​ food experience, which will be available to sample from the end of May.

As part of this exciting new dining experience, guests can try dishes like an Open Tuna Maki, Green Tea Ice Cream Sandwich and Frozen Kakigori.

Speaking about his latest venture, Dylan McGrath said: “Bonsai Bento for me is a work of passion and creativity from our team at Bonsai. ​It is high-end, delicious food made with a distinct and unique, creative flair, gathered into a bento-style offering.”

He added: “It’s a twisted authentic version of Japanese pub food. We have also created some very cool Japanese cocktails to accompany the food, as well as our own take on desserts from Japanese flavours.”

Each of the three Bento menu choices of meat, fish or vegetable is accompanied by a unique and different version of miso soup. For example, the Tuna Sashimi is accompanied by Miso Soup with Cockles and Shimeji; the Chicken Wings, Soya, Sushi Rice & Charred Spring Onion with Miso Soup with Pork and Truffle; and the Broccoli Tempura with Miso Soup with Tofu and Truffle. Each Bento choice also comes with Pickled Vegetables and a Slow Cooked Egg Salad.

Besides the Bento choices, a number of individual dishes and sides are available to order, including an inventive twist on Maki sushi, or Roast Salmon with Broccoli & Sesame, and a plain Miso Soup.

Cocktails at Bonsai Bar are always a delight and in addition to the new food menu, there will some new and specially created cocktails on offer.

Bonsai Bento is available in Bonsai Bar from Wednesday to Saturday, 4pm until 8pm, starting Thursday 31st May. For more information about Bonsai Bento, see the Bonsai Bar website at

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