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Blue Prosecco is a Thing Now and People Have Mixed Feelings about it
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Blue Prosecco is a Thing Now and People Have Mixed Feelings about it

Last year, wine lovers around the world were surprised by the launch of Gik, a blue wine made in Spain which has awaken waves of curiosity, sympathy and snobbery like no other. Then, the Internet lost it to Progrigio, a Prosecco and Pinot Grigio hybrid launched by a British supermarket chain. Now, what happens when these two trends (blue wine and messing with Prosecco) combine? The result is a Blue Prosecco named Blumond, and made by Fratelli Saraceni.

Blumond is actually not just a “blue Prosecco”, but a sparkling blend of wine from Glera grapes -the ones used for actually Prosecco-, plus blue curaçao and peach juice. It has a tame ABV of only 7% and while it has been launched in the US and China where it retails at approximately €20 a bottle, it has yet to be launched in Italy where the bright blue fizz is already receiving backlash.

The critic’s main argument is that for it to be labeled as “wine” in Italy, ABV should be at least 10% (although anyone that has sip on a bottle of Asti will realise this is not always the case).

Described by their makers as “a velvety and seductive sparkling wine that is deliciously fruity”, it has already been dubbed as “Mermaid Prosecco” and halted as this summer drink by numerous trend-watcher portals.

So, is it an insult to wine or the next cool thing for your Instagram? Would you try it?

Let us know your thoughts about #BlueProsecco

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