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Blackberry Ice Cream Recipe Video by Jette Virdi for TheTaste
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Blackberry Ice Cream Recipe Video by Jette Virdi for TheTaste

Make the most of the Irish blackberry season with this simple Blackberry ice cream recipe, created exclusively by chef and food stylist Jette Virdi for

Roughly 6 servings


– 175ml of blackberry juice – roughly 2 punnets
– 175g icing sugar
– 500ml whipping cream


1. In a seive mash the blackberries and keep the juice. The pulp can be used later to give bits in the ice cream or makes a great simple jam.
2. Sift in the sugar to the juice and stir well, then add the cream and whip until stiff.
3. Freeze for at least 3 hours.

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JetteJette Virdi is a Dublin-based food stylist and creative entrepreneur. With a portfolio including  clients such as Rozanna Purcell, Rachel Allen and Bord Bia, she’s  your girl if you need an evocative  image or event. Well known within the food industry, she consults with Irish brands to create and  style recipes, to design and  manage product launches and and hosts creative corporate workshops  that boost productivity and team performance in the workplace. For more information and to  contact Jette for a project go to

For more recipes visit her blog.

Jette Virdi Jette Virdi
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