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I can’t take brunch seriously. It’s the flamboyant joke meal that ridicules breakfast, insults lunch and ridiculously combines both with day-drinking.

It’s a millennial indulgence meal designed to forego any possibility of rescuing the weekend savings slaughter where all that hard work of the week is finally obliterated with a piece of toast, an avocado ‘crushed’ and bottomless prosecco.

Now that you know how I really feel about it, let’s review a brunch spot in Galway. Biteclub is part of Electric, a venue that describes itself as “a new type of nightclub”.

Biteclub boasts both a rooftop space and street-level diner offering “a mix of styles that fit together seamlessly while providing its customers with a place to eat, drink and on occasion dance while the disco ball spins.”

My pal, baby and I take a seat in the diner downstairs which my friend likens to “Grease meets Miami hipster”. The bubbly staff, funky playlist and 50’s décor uplift and make us feel immediately welcome. Now to the important stuff: the menu.

Brunch at Biteclub wanders from full Irish to the more exotic brunch palette of beef cheek tacos. The lure of creamy avocado and salty bacon gets me each time so I settle on the Bacon Ciabatta with Poached Egg, Avocado and Chilli Mayo.

Across the table my friend plays a wild card and orders the Braised Beef Cheek Tacos with Zesty Sour Cream and Corn Pico with a side of Mac n’Cheese to share. This isn’t a serious meal after all.

Although tempted by the cocktail menu and one of Biteclub’s famous margarita slushies, we go for the reliable comfort only cold, hard caffeine can bring. My coffee is everything I want in a Sunday morning brew: smooth, creamy and easy on the eye.

The food follows and our tummies start to rumble as the feast is laid before is. My ciabatta is plump and pillow soft, and the bacon from legendary pork butcher, Herterich’s, is still sizzling as it sits on top of creamy avocado all topped with a trembling poached egg.

Across the table, my friend carnivorously tucks into the beef tacos which she reports are appropriately meaty and would be a perfect morning-after tonic alongside a poitin-spiked ‘Bloody Maire.’

We almost forget about the mac n’ cheese sitting seductively between us, with its crispy top and oozing underneath. We call jinx and declare it fabulously cheesy. Our waiter spots us struggle to finish it and offers to box it up to take home.

We are happily defeated. Our brunch of three coffees, two mains and a side comes to €31.40.

Everything at Biteclub is a little bit fun, from the furniture to the cocktail names. Except the food though. The food is no laughing matter; it’s seriously good.

I think I should reconsider my approach to brunch and start taking it a little more seriously.

Electric Garden & Theatre,
Abbeygate Street Upper,

T: 091 565976
E: info@electricgalway.com
W: www.electricgalway.com/biteclub/


Sarah O'NeillSarah is among many Irish people living in London, where she delights in exploring its exciting food scene. She is passionate about food markets, spending her weekends trawling around Borough market grazing, chatting and stocking up on all things edible.

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Article photo credits: Caitriona Lawless

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