This Book Offers a Unique Approach to the World of Wine Connoisseurs

This Book Offers a Clever and Raw Honest Approach to the World of Wine Connoisseurs

Cork Dork is not your usual book about wine. Author Bianca Bosker starts out with the mission to discover the sub-culture of what she calls “cork dorks”, also known as wine geeks or oenophiles, yet by the end of her adventure she doesn’t just offers a look into their lives, she becomes one of them after a year and a half or pouring, tasting, swirling, spitting and talking to people from all parts of the wine world.

The book takes you along her efforts to understand how are sommeliers able to find aromas such as violets or petrichor in a glass of wine and why is that even important. With an open mind and a skeptic approach, she guides you through the backstage of the cellars at New York’s upscale restaurants and trendy wine bars and introduces you to a parade of characters that go from passionate sweet-talking somms to rebellious and eccentric Riesling warriors.

This Book Offers a Clever and Raw Honest Approach to the World of Wine Connoisseurs

As you read, you’ll follow her steps as she wines her way to becoming a certified sommelier. With the help of scientists, she finds out what happens to her brain as the study and experiences kick in and with a good dose of humility and some luck, she explains how she gets into some of the Big Apple’s most unique wine experiences, including a highly coveted pass to a night of excess and Burgundy that would be deemed extravagant by ancient Roman aristocrats.

Cork Dork was published in 2017 and will appeal to readers in all levels of wine knowledge. Clear and sharp, it has a wonderful balance between constructive criticism, technical information and intelligent sense of humour. It’s high in alcohol and with a remarkable amount of memorable anecdotes.

Aromas of freshly printed book and a well structured content will make for a pleasant experience that will pair beautifully with a glass of your favourite wine.

Meet the Author in Dublin

This Book Offers a Clever and Raw Honest Approach to the World of Wine Connoisseurs

Bianca Bosker has been invited to Dublin by O’Briens Wine for a very unique tasting where she’ll share experiences from her book along with Master of Wine Martin Moran.

The event will take place on October 9th at 7:00 pm in O’Briens Wine Donnybrook. Tickets are priced at €15 and they include a copy of Bianca’s book and a €5 voucher to redeem in-store. Book tickets HERE.

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