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Best Possible Taste Podcast – The Busy Botanist And More

In this week’s Best Possible Taste Podcast, Sharon Noonan talks to Joe Joyce from Dingle Distillery, Dee Laffen from Slow Food Dublin, and Clair Kelly from the Busy Botanist.

Travelling to Co. Kerry Sharon visits the award-winning Dingle Distillery and gets a tour of the premises, while also chatting to guide Joe Joyce.

Set up in 2012, the first Dingle Whiskey Casks were filled on the 18th December 2012 and three years and a day later on the 19th December 2015, one cask, Cask No. 2, was released. In the words of Dingle Distillery “Our whiskey was born. Our distillery was ready.”

This week, Sharon also speaks with Dee Laffan, Chair of Slow Food Dublin, who reveals some exciting details about the programme for the Slow in the City Festival, which is taking place in Dublin on Sunday, October 29th.

Elsewhere, Clair Kelly from the Busy Botanist talks about the success of Tum Ease Tea at this year’s Listowel Food Fair’s Best Emerging Artisan Product competition.

For more information on the Best Possible Taste Podcast with Sharon Noonan visit www.sharonnoonan.com.

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