Berry Chia Pudding Recipe By Chef Jeeny Maltese

Berry Chia Pudding Recipe By Jeeny Maltese

Berry Chia Pudding Recipe By Chef Jeeny Maltese. A perfect make ahead breakfast or snack, with all the goodness of chia seeds and antioxidants from berries, you sure are starting your day with the right foot with this easy and delicious recipe.

(Serves 6-8)
2 cups coconut milk
1/2 cup chia seeds
1 orange zest
2 tsp vanilla
1 cup fresh berries
optional: berry puree
2 cups berries fresh or frozen

1. Pour coconut milk into a large bowl or container.
2. Stir in chia seeds, orange zest and vanilla. You can stir in a little bit of maple syrup if you would like it sweeter.
3. Refrigerate for several hours until thickened, or overnight.
4. Divide into glass jars or cups to serve.
5. Top with fresh berries. You can also garnish with coconut flakes.
6. Top with berry puree.
7. To make the berry puree, crush blueberries with a fork for a thicker puree or you can also pour the mixture into a blender to get a smoother consistency, until they begin to soften and burst.
8. If your berries are not sweet enough, add a little maple syrup or honey before blending. Spoon puree onto finished chia pudding.

Berry Chia Pudding Recipe By Jeeny Maltese



Jeeny Maltese, a Latin-American born TV chef & food writer. Featuring as celebrity chef on the RTE “Today Show with Maura & Daithi” and Virgin Media “The Six O’Clock Show”. Keynote speaker and guest chef at top festivals & events nationwide. Passionate about good eating & good food, making it accessible for everyone, through her cooking methods and philosophy. Enamoured with Ireland’s stunning land, quality food produce & its passionate people.



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