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Ben & Jerry’s Announce Vegan Ice Cream to Hit Irish Freezers Soon

A vegan ice cream option is officially on the way from two wonderful men, Ben & Jerry.

The ice cream giants released a statement on their website, saying that they’ve seen all the tweets from fans of the brand and have listened.

In a statement on the Ben & Jerry’s website, they wrote: “Well, so much for surprises! So many of our fans have been asking us to bring our non-dairy ice cream across the pond, we couldn’t keep the secret anymore.

We can now confirm that it’s true, we are working on bringing Non-Dairy here! We hope to have it available in Ireland soon. Well, that is, if we don’t eat it all ourselves first..”

They added: “Some might ask, ‘why not now?’ (Yes, we’ve seen your tweets!) The answer is, we’ve been working on this for quite a while, and want to make sure these flavours live up to what Ben & Jerry’s is known for: enormous chunks, delicious swirls and a commitment to values-led ingredient sourcing.

Non-Dairy Ice Cream

Our Flavour Gurus have been hard at work to ensure they taste just as euphoric as our dairy tubs, which includes a lot of taste testing!”

While they don’t have an exact release date for Ireland just yet, they’ve promised that non-dairy is definitely on the way…”well, that is, if we don’t eat it all ourselves first…”

Eager ice cream lovers should continue to keep an eye out on the Ben & Jerry’s social media channels because that’s where the latest news will be.

This is great news for ice cream lovers who require the non-dairy option and knowing Ben & Jerry’s, the flavour should be just as delicious!

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