This Beer ATM Offers Withdrawals Worth Queuing For

Beer ATM

Ever stopped by an ATM in order to get cash before a night out? If you are heading to Brooklyn-based bar Randolph Beer you won’t have to, as they’ve installed a “Beer ATM” which allows you to choose between 24 different brews in self-service taps which you can activate with a special ATM card.

You can get the card at the bar when handing over a credit card, and pour yourself the beer of your choice, from a sample serve of 1 oz to a full pint.

This offers the perfect opportunity to taste numerous beers at your own pace, and the machines feature all the information you need about the different options, even tasting notes to give you an idea of what’s in store. If still in doubt, the bar staff will be happy to give you a hand, so you can still enjoy the personal touch.

We’ll definitively won’t mind waiting in line in this one!

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