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Become a Nespresso Home Latte Art Champion with the New Creatista

We recently had the pleasure of travelling to Lyon in France, to attend a Global Media Event, Atelier Nespresso. On this 2 day trip we were treated to a Latte Art workshop by World Barista Champion Yakup Aydin. With the help of the latest stunning Nespresso machine, the Creatista Plus, it is now possible to enjoy micro milk foam and to create your own latte art at home.

As we have come to expect from Nespresso, they have created a machine that will be the stylish centre piece of any kitchen. Their machines always have a simple design but are packed with the latest in innovation, like adjustable milk texturing, self cleaning and an intuitive colour display.

However, would a domestic coffee machine be able to produce the correct milk foam needed to compete with trained Baristas and produce a silky latte, velvety smooth flat white or a creamy cappuccino? On our first attempt, the milk had the right constancy however due to our poor skill we were left with just a white moon in a cup, with this quickly hidden from the others on the trip and some more pointers from Yakup, we eventually got the hang of pouring and how to produce different types of designs.

Below you can see our final attempt which shows how easy this machine makes Home Latte Art, this will definitely be top of our shopping list in 2017, a real treat for our office, we are not sure why, but the coffee tastes even better when branded with your own design.

For more information, a video on how to create Latte Art or to buy the Nespresso Creatista click here

Photos from the Nespresso Latte Art Workshop
More Information on the Nespresso Creatista Plus

The barista experience is now even more achievable at home thanks to the launch of Creatista Plus, the first Nespresso machine that allows users to create latte art with its multiple milk foam textures. Creatista Plus is the result of a collaboration of two iconic brands combining their expertise. Nespresso brings its coffee expertise and quality, unprecedented system, convenience and simplicity whilst Breville brings stunning kitchen appliance design and its unique automatic steam wand technology.

With Creatista Plus, coffee aficionados with a penchant for hot milk-based recipes will be able to conveniently create everything from a classic creamy Cappuccino through to a velvety smooth Flat White or even a Latte that they can top with a beautiful milk foam design, all in the comfort of their own home.

Eliminating the hassle, Creatista Plus does the hard work for you: after selecting your preferred coffee, simply fill the provided milk jug and place it on the temperature sensor. The milk is then automatically heated to the ideal temperature and the steam wand froths it to the perfect texture for your selected drink. The machine comes equipped with a menu of milk- based recipes with different foam textures, temperatures and quantities recommended by the Nespresso experts but users can also personalise the settings their coffee at each stage from the intuitive menu.

Innovation, style and design are at the heart of Nespresso. The brand is constantly evolving its machines to consistently deliver the highest quality coffee experience to its Club Members. The new Creatista Plus machine caters to the growing number of coffee lovers looking to personalise their coffee moments.

The machine offers a wide range of features all designed to enrich the coffee experience:

– Adjustable automatic milk texturing for Flat White, Cappuccino, Café Latte and Latte Macchiato. Also generates ‘micro-milk foam’ which is essential for latte art creation
– Adjustable milk temperature
– Fast self-cleaning
– Intuitive colour display offering step by step assistance for coffee personalisation and maintenance
– Fast heat up
- Automatic power off after 10 minutes of non-use

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