Beavertown & Boneyard Bloody Notorious Double IPA – Craft Beer Review

Beavertown & Boneyard Bloody Notorious - Craft Beer Review

Following the tremendous success of their seasonal offering “Bloody ‘Ell”, the ever innovative and creative team over at Beavertown decided to explore a further development of this brew as part of their Alpha Beer series, a range which sees the London based brewery experimenting, creating prototypes and collaborating with their inventive counterparts from around the globe. As they state on their official website “We learn, develop and grow through our imaginative, creative, considered experiments, invariably pushing the boundaries of what we are capable of”.

This latest experiment, Bloody Notorious, is a blood orange double IPA clocking in at 9.1% which it’s yet another blending of minds with Boneyard Brewery operating out of Bend, Oregon. This is not the first time these two breweries have worked together, and having previously released “Power of the Voodoo” triple IPA as well as “White Knuckle” it’s easy to see the mutual respect and admiration between both teams of hops scientists.

This first surprise offered by this beer is its colour, pouring a cloudy yellow. Not what one would expect when picturing a blood orange IPA, especially from such a dark and ominous looking can. It pours with a lively white head that settles quickly to a short-lived cap. As the head begins to fade, the aroma of citrus and pine can be taking in at some distance. The second surprise from this beer is just how much the notes of orange play through against such a high ABV. Outstandingly orangey!

With a smooth mouth feel, this pleasantly pithy beer is a dangerously drinkable double. It is however on a limited run so if you are looking for something big and bold I suggest you get on it right away as this is certain to fly off the shelves and we can only pray to see an appearance of the like again.

Currently available from Martin’s off-License, Fairview for €5.99.


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