Beat the January Blues with Tchi Drinks at the Merrion Hotel

This January most of us are concerned with our New Year resolutions, getting fit, losing weight and becoming better people. The Merrion Hotel want us to look after our inner balance and ch’I by serving three delicious teas created by their tea master, Laura McGinn.

Laura trained on the international Ronnefeldt TeaMaster programme and the Merrion was the first hotel in Ireland to welcome a Tea Master.

The drinks draw from the key properties of berries, roots and plants that have been used in Chinese medicine for centuries and are created through infusions that preserve the properties and tastes of the ingredients; so they are incredibly healthy and delicious.

There will be three Tchi Drinks on the menu at the Merrion:

Rose and Honey Tea: dried roses, honey, rose water, red dates. Served warm or cold, this tea has a cooling effect on the body – clearing heat and toxins. The tea has an uplifting effect on the nervous system and can relieve insomnia, depression and fatigue

Date, Longan and Goji Tea: red dates, dried longan and goji tea. Served warm, this tea helps relieve stress and insomnia. It also has anti-inflammatory effects and increases blood circulation – as well as giving strong blood replenishment for people who have undergone blood transfusions.

Jasmine Tea: dried jasmine and loose-leaf jasmine tea. This tea helps encourage weight loss, reduce stress and improve digestion, as well as lowering cholesterol. Jasmine tea also has a proven ability to work to prevent cancer.

Tchi Drinks will be served in the Drawing Rooms, Cellar Bar and Tethra Spa at The Merrion in January 2016 and are €6.50 each.

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