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BBQ Season is Coming in Hot – Meal Kits by Kwanghi BBQ Box Review

Regardless of the weather, this time of year is officially BBQ season and we are here for it! As much this is an enjoyable part of the summer, it can also bring with it a sense of imminent dread when it comes to uncovering the BBQ and getting it scrubbed, shined ready to ignite. Instagram highlight reels of so many lovely people lighting up they’re brand new grills giving us major envy as we soaked racks and dusted off the cobwebs.

Like so many, we have tried a wide variety of meal kits at this stage and the previous two we enjoyed from Meal Kits by Kwanghi were seriously delicious and so much fun to assemble. The Prawn and Chicken Wontons made for a particularly therapeutic evening and Peking duck Pancakes that were so moreish we contemplated a re-order, but decided to try the BBQ Box first.

Be warned, order this in the knowledge that plenty of fridge space is needed if you are not cooking it immediately.

The box contained so much that we feel it is important to give a full run through of what exactly was in there. Four 6oz Johnstone Irish Grass Feed Beef Fillets, four Irish Pork Chops marinated in a BBQ glaze – the fact that everything is prepped and ready to pop on the grill is such a time saver! Twelve whole chicken wings, 300g pack of Diced Dry Aged Fillet Beef – this was something we would never usually associate with a BBQ but we said we would go with the flow and cook the entire feast and just serve it all buffet style.
Fresh mixed salad leaves, tomato, red onion, peppers, Black garlic dressing, black bean stir-fry sauce, ChanChan Black garlic bulb, toasted sesame oil. Ample seasonings including Korean Spicebag Seasoning. The all important Recipe Card completes this epic box.

Apart from boiling some rice, chopping onion, tomatoes and peppers and lighting the BBQ, all of the prep was done.

We cooked the chunky Johnstone fillets to medium and they sliced like butter. That distinctive flavour and texture of Johnstone Beef saw these feverishly devoured.

Once of the things that attracted us to this box was the lack of the usual suspects, burgers and sausages were no where to be seen and as it turned out, they were not missed! While both burgers and sausages have most certainly got their place in a BBQ, the change up of meat offerings was a welcome one.

Succulent Pork Chops that have been marinated in a BBQ glaze, a couple of them got an intentional and un-regrettable extra char, very delicious indeed.

We gave the chicken wings a light spray of cooking oil before tossing them in the spicebag seasoning that was provided. These were exceptionally good. The chicken wings come whole, you could break them down but perhaps do this after cooking to ensure you get some of that slick, chicken sliding off of the bone its so tender action. We topped off the wings with the lightly spiced sauce included – finger lickin’ chicken at its finest.

For the stirfry we got the wok out and cooked it along with diced onion and then added the jar of Black Bean sauce that was provided. This is definitely not a dish we have ever associated with a BBQ but it was incredibly tasty and satisfying.

If stir-fry beef is just not part of your BBQ plan, a nice option would be to skewer it up with some peppers, onions, mushrooms drenched in that insanely good black garlic dressing that also comes as part of the pack.

There is an abundance of food in this box making it an extremely good value option, particularly for families. The fact that it is delivered right to your door with 90% of the prep done makes it all the more attractive. Definitely a mealkit option that we throughly enjoyed and would highly recommend.


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