Bartleys Beers: Strawbeeri – Craft Beer Review

Bartleys Beers: Strawbeeri - Craft Beer Review

The combination of wheat and strawberries has given the world more than its fair share of tasty combos: strawberry shortcakes, tartlets, Victoria sponge cakes, cheesecake and many other pink and fruity baked goods to name a few. The pair is less commonly seen inside of a beer bottle, and that’s why Strawbeeri caught my eye the moment I saw it. Its pun-tastic name closed the deal.

Fun fact: strawberries are not berries at all, at least in the botanical sense (according to which bananas, kiwis and avocados ARE berries). Now that I got that out of my system, let’s go back to Strawbeeri: it was launched last June at taste of Dublin and is made in Ireland for Bartleys Beers, it is expected to be the first in a series of fruit beers and it’s brewed by The Station Works Brewery, in Newry, Co. Down. If the name rings a bell, it’s because it’s also the company behind well-liked range of craft beers by The Foxes Rock.

With a moderate ABV of 4.2% and made with natural strawberry juice, it’s a flavourful brew that has a very noticeable strawberry aroma and taste.

It pours a thin head and a slightly cloudy, strawberry blonde (couldn’t resist this colour description!) appearance. Besides the dominant character of the red pseudo-berry, you can get a bit of honey and ripe peach as support characters as well as biscuit or sweet bread notes.

It’s medium bodied and mellow, a richer alternative to berry ciders and a tasty pint that doesn’t overwhelm. Yes, it’s on the sweet side, but not as much as to make it a novelty product.

Strawbeeri is available at Fresh the Good Food Market at €2.95.


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