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BANG Restaurant & Wine Bar Launch 5-Course To-Go Menu

BANG Restaurant & Wine Bar have just launched BANG @ Home, a delivery and collection service. Click Here for the current BANG @ Home offer on TheTaste.

Every week, a unique 5-course set menu will be curated and made available to order from the Michelin Guide restaurant. Delivery is available Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening in Dublin. 

BANG decided to offer a takeaway service due to a number of requests from their regular clientele, many of whom are cocooning, or looking after at-risk relatives at home. In addition, the restaurant received several requests from corporate clients seeking gifts for their employees. 

Joe Barrett, owner of BANG Restaurant and Wine Bar, commented on the closure of indoor dining in Dublin, ‘The new restrictions are sudden and blunt – completely out of the blue! It is during this difficult time that we restaurateurs must do everything we can to keep ticking over. We have recently set up BANG @ Home, a takeaway service created in a bid to adapt with the current restrictions and stay open in some capacity. We are offering both delivery and collection.’

He continued, ‘BANG is lucky to have some small weddings booked in over the next few weeks, along with our offering of prepared and ‘finish at home’ meals, including a list of pantry items. In March we were forced to close. This time around, we have created BANG @ Home as a means to do whatever it takes to keep our doors open. We look to the future with a positive attitude and a will to keep our wheels in motion.’

With level three restrictions introduced last week in the capital, the timing seemed apt. The Summer holidays have come to a close, children are back to school, some offices are planning a slow return, and BANG have something special to offer. 

Sample Menu:

 #1 Seeded ‘bread 41’ sourdough & smoked cultured butter(G,MK)

Bread 41 is a dublin city centre bakery using delicious local, seasonal, and entirely organic ingredients that produces beautiful bread, we add live yogurt to cream from village dairy to culture it then lightly smoke the cream and churn it to get a lovely lightly smoked and tangy whipped butter.

#1 Coppa & smoked almonds (P,N)

Coppa is often made from the shoulder and neck cuts of a pig and is the hard air dried version of this charcuterie product. It has a lovely marbled finish and flavour, with some smoked almonds to start off your meal.

 #2 Stracciatella with golden beetroot, nasturtium, chicory & sourdough crouton (MK,G,SS)

Stracciatella is the centre of burrata, beautiful creamy with a hint of sourness, we roasted off some golden beetroot from Iona farm in north dublin, we finished them with a seasoning of pumpkin seed, woodruff and citrus, we added texture with some crisp sourdough, chicory and pickled beetroot, we’ve added some nasturtium oil for a contrasting peppery kick

#3 Slow cooked lamb, gnocchi, tomato, nduja, & pecorino (MK,E,G,SDS)

We’ve lightly salted some slaney lamb shoulders & slow cooked them for 12 hours, then made a tomato sauce including the nduja, espelette pepper & the cooking liquid from the lamb and serve this with some our gnocchi and pecorino romano

#4 Cocoa Barry Chocolate, cherry & aero (MK,E,G)

A beautiful set chocolate marquise, rich in flavour using a floral 70% fleur de cao chocolate with the off set of cherry and some contrasting chocolate textures

#5 Shepperd’s store cheese, quince, walnut & malt, rye cracker (MK,E,G,SS,N)

We make some delicious malt & rye crackers that complement this cheese really well and serve with some quince & walnut, Shepherd’s store is an exceptional Irish cheese, it is a traditional, European style semi-hard cheese. It’s aged for a minimum of six months. Shepherd’s Store offers a firm yet delicately creamy texture – with a full yet not strong flavour – combining a complex mix of both savoury and gentle, sweet notes. Creamier in style than Manchego or Pecorino, this is a distinctly Irish traditional farmhouse cheese.

All the elements of the dishes have a #number, so all the components of dish no 1 have a #1 sticker. 

Click Here to Purchase our current offer from BANG

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