Try Limited Edition Beer “Bang Bang Bock” from 5 Lamps Brewery Before it’s Gone

Try this Limited Edition Craft Beer from 5 Lamps Before it's Gone | Bang Bang Bock

Five Lamps Dublin Brewery has taken inspiration in a very distinctive and affectionately remembered character who roamed the city’s streets in the 50’s and 60’s, Thomas ‘Bang Bang’ Dudley, who carried a brass key which he would point and roar ‘Bang Bang’ at all who crossed his path. The nod comes in the shape of a new and limited edition beer named Bang Bang Bock, a tribute the man who’s now a part of Dublin’s cultural heritage.

Bang Bang Bock is a mild malt beer with a balanced palate of toast and caramel. It is inspired by the double hop process of the Bavarian Hallerthan region and it is described as deep and mildly spicy, characteristics that aren’t usually seen on a lager.

The beer will be available in selected bars and pubs only and for a limited time, taste it at Paris Texas Bar & Restaurant57 The HeadlineBull and CastleThe Back PageBuskers BarBourke’sThe Bernard Shaw and Graingers Cafe Bar.

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