The Iconic Ballsbridge Coffee Kiosk Has Been Bought By Starbucks

Ballsbridge Coffee Kiosk

One of the most iconic Dublin coffee shops, the Ballsbridge Coffee Kiosk, has been bought up by Starbucks for a whopping €330,000.

The kiosk centre has a prime spot in Ballsbridge and has saved many a tired employee every morning.

Brothers Colum and Ciaran Butler, who run the Starbucks operation in Ireland, are the new owners of the kiosk, which has sold coffee at the junction of Landsdowne, Pembroke and Northumberland roads for decades.

According to The Irish Times, with a purchase price of €330,000, this tiny little property is possibly one of the most expensive commercial properties in Dublin city.

The Starbucks operation has continued to grow at an alarmingly fast pace in Dublin, and there are now more than 60 Starbucks coffee outlets in Dublin.

That’s a lot of Starbucks coffee cups!



Photo Credit: William Murphy

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