Aldi Ham
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Baked Irish Ham with a Mustard & Honey Glaze Recipe by Aldi

This  recipe showcases quality Irish ham and adorns it with a sticky and sweet mustard and honey glaze. A perfect Christmas day centrepiece recipe to accompany your turkey.

Serves 10


– 1 x 7kg Irish ham
– 1 litre fresh orange juice
– 100g soft brown sugar
– 2 x oranges
– 3 x tablespoons squeezy honey
– 2 x dessert spoons wholegrain mustard
– Cloves


1. Wash the ham well
2. Put in a large roasting tray and cover with tin foil.
3. Pour the orange juice around the ham.
4. Bake in the oven for 3 hours. Check the ham is cooked through with a metal skewer by inserting into the ham and leave it in for 15 seconds, remove and feel the skewer, it should be very hot – if not return the ham and cook for a further 30 minutes – and retest.
5. While the ham is cooking you can prepare the glaze.
6. Grate the rind from the oranges and juice them.
7. Add the rind and juice with the sugar, honey and mustard and mix well.
8. Remove the ham from the oven – turn the heat up to 200c/400f/gas mark 6.
9. Remove the tin foil and using a sharp knife- cut the rind of the ham.
10. Cut a crisscross pattern over the fat and stud with some cloves.
11. Spoon the glaze over the ham.
12. Bake for a further 30 mins, basting the ham as you cook.
13. Serve hot or cold – great served with sliced fruits or chutney