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Fun For The Whole Family – Join Bewley’s This Bank Holiday and Bake Your Own Traditional Barmbrack

Bewley’s Grafton Street have used their 100-year-old recipe to create a traditional Irish barmbrack just in time for the Autumnal season. The tasty treat is the perfect accompaniment to a freshly brewed cup of tea during the colder months. Throughout the season, people will celebrate Halloween and its historic traditions such as the bairín breac or speckled loaf.

Bewley’s traditional treat is jam-packed with rich fruit, flavoured with mixed spice and delicious dried fruit. To make their signature loaf, the fruit is soaked overnight in Bewley’s Gold Tea and then mixed with the spices, dried fruit and lucky charms. Following baking, the loaf sits for a couple of days before being served, allowing the flavours to meld together.

The lore of Barmbrack is that it’s filled with charms before it is baked. Each charm holds a different meaning and is said to be foretelling to the person who finds them. For example, if you find the ring you will be married within the year, if you find the coin it means good fortune, the stick means there will be an argument or a dispute, and the cloth means you will have bad luck.

Bewley’s Grafton Street has teamed up with the Dublin Town Food and Drink Festival to kick off the Halloween celebrations with a family fun Halloween Workshop.

Parents and children will have an afternoon of fun as they make their very own Barmbrack, and learn the interesting traditions behind the loaf. As your Barmbrack bakes, the whole family will enjoy a delicious Bewley’s breakfast before they take home their freshly baked Halloween loaf.

During the bank holiday weekend, the entire family can enjoy entertainment from Ireland’s oldest puppet company, the Lambert Puppet Theatre. There will be five performances of The Three Little Pigs on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th October.

Bewley’s Grafton Street will be selling a slice of Barmbrack for €5.50 until early November.

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