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Toast at the Ready – The Avocado Show is Going International

Just six months after their launch in Amsterdam, restaurant The Avocado Show has received a multimillion-dollar investment to expand globally and launch a collection of avocado-themed gifts and products.

Orange Wings, an investment company founded by leading avocado lady Shawn Harris and her business partner Adrielle Dankier, is the driving force behind this financial boost.

Ron Simpson, co-founder and creative mastermind behind The Avocado Show commented: “It reads like a fairy-tale: Two avocado-obsessed friends wanted to open their own place in Amsterdam; a month later they randomly ran into the biggest avocado importer of the world.

Avocado Show

The serendipitous rendezvous quickly turned into a partnership that led to this incredible investment. Now our own place will expand across the globe. The term ‘Holy Guacamole’ has never been more fitting.”

Avocado lovers have been lining up outside the restaurant ever since it first opened and now the first new licenced venue of The Avocado Show is scheduled to open in Europe shortly.

The founders are already negotiating with entrepreneurs in various European capitals, and have been approached by operators in North America, Asia, Australia and The Middle East.

In addition to the international expansion, The Avocado Show will launch a collection of avocado products in 2018. Besides the usual merchandising like T-shirts, caps, umbrellas, avocado tools and to-go cups, The Avocado Show will also sell avocado oil, avocado butter, cosmetics and other avo-goodies.

For more information, visit theavocadoshow.com.