An Avocado Restaurant is Set to Open in Amsterdam

The news about an avocado restaurant about to open in Amsterdan make sense: we all know how versatile the avocado is, with delicious possibilities in both the sweet and savoury realm. With that and the creamy green fruit’s rampant popularity on restaurant menus worldwide in mind, a trio in Amsterdam have set out to capitalise on the frenzy. Julien Zaal, Ron Simpson and chef Jaimie van Heije are set to open ‘Europe’s first avocado bar’ called The Avocado Show later this year.

The avocado restaurant, due to open in Amsterdam’s hip De Pijp neighbourhood, will be confined to one rule – every dish must contain avocado in some incarnation. Whether it is the trendy ‘avocado bun’ for an alternative sandwich, avocado toast, chocolate avocado mousse or green smoothie bowls, each and every course will see the fruit take centre stage.

The full menu has yet to be revealed, but the owners believe the possibilities for creative takes on the avocado are endless. The Avocado Show is set to open in February and will even endeavor to offer late night delivery, for when the mood takes you out of hours – seemingly there is no craving too obscure in Amsterdam.

Speaking to Munchies, Simpson credits the inspiration for the avocado restaurant’s concept to the rise in popularity of both mono-dish restaurants, for example burger-only eateries and main ingredient restaurants like Brussels’ truffle diner. Coupled with avocado’s super status on social media, opening a restaurant dedicated to the trendiest fruit of all was a no-brainer. While the concept is likely to attract intrigue and eye-rolls in equal measure, the media attention the restaurant has garnered before even opening it’s doors would suggest Simpson was bang on the money.

For more information on The Avocado Show click here.

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