An Avocado Chocolate Bar Exists and We Need It in Our Lives

Is there anyone who doesn’t love chocolate and avocados? There is near universal acceptance that these two delicacies are the foods of the gods. It makes total sense then that a health enthusiast cum Willy Wonka would create a delicious hybrid, enter the avocado chocolate bar.

We’ve all heard of chocolate avocado ‘mousse’, the creamy, easy vegan alternative to the traditionally cream-laden dessert and it is a handy hack to have up our sleeves for a somewhat saintly treat but the avocado chocolate bar is another creature altogether. The California Avocado Commission and Compartés chocolatier have teamed up to create a bar which is both in one bite.

Avocado Chocolate Bar 2

While dark chocolate and avocado combos are seen as a healthy option, the Compartés avocado chocolate bar is a less nutritious white chocolate creation, with the creamy avocado balancing out the sometimes overpowering sweetness of sugary white chocolate. Compartés believes ‘there is nothing else quite like it’ and we at TheTaste are certainly curious to try this genius combo for ourselves.

Compartés has a standalone store in Los Angeles, but in an answer to our prayers, also delivers internationally from their online store. That said, a 100g avocado chocolate bar will set you back $9.95, so we’re almost hoping it turns out to be less delicious than it sounds!

For more information or to order a bar yourself visit

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