Avoca-Dos and Avoca-Don’ts: How to Cut them the Right Way and Avoid Avocado Hand

How to Cut the Right Way and Avoid Avocado Hand

Last week, news of doctor’s from the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons reporting a dramatic rise in Avocado Hand injuries (stab and slash lesions caused by people attempting to cut an avocado the wrong way) made global headlines. With the hashtag #AvocadoInjury, people bonded on social media, and some people even asked for warning stickers to be added to the fruit.

With its fleshy texture and hard pit, it’s easy to make a mistake when cutting an avocado, and while many shared the amusing story, the type of injury related to it is no laughing matter as it’s often linked to tendon and nerve damage.

To protect yourself from Avocado Hand, you just need to be careful and cut it the right -safe- way…

How to Cut the Right Way and Avoid Avocado Hand

1. Wash your avocado fully and place it on a surface or chopping board.
2. Secure the avocado with one hand, pressing gently.
3. Slice slowly around the center, twisting as you go to let the knife divide it in halves (as shown on the GIF above).
4. Separate it, hold it, and remove the seed with a spoon. Carve the avocado’s flesh with the spoon and discard the peel.

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