Watch: You Can Now Book ‘Bed and Breakfast’ in the Middle of the Atlantic Ocean

North Carolina Bed and Breakfast © Courtesy Richard Neal 2

There are many spectular places you can visit in the world. There’s the hotel in the Maldives that has an ‘Instagram Butler’, and this Parisian hotel that’s been voted the best in the world. And now this Bed and Breakfast in North Carolina is another one to add to your ever-growing bucket list.

Located approximately 30 miles off of US state’s coast, the one-of-kind bed and breakfast, known as the ‘Frying Pan Tower’ is a former Coast Guard light station.

Retired from its Coast Guard duties since 2004, you can now stay the night at the eight-bedroom abode erected in the middle of the Atlantic on a modified Texas oil drilling platform.

Now before you imagine a night of luxury we have to manage your expectation, with the accommodation not exactly five star, or even four, star hotel standard.

But if you book a stay you are coming for the panoramic views of the ocean and sky, and they will not disappoint.

Visitors can also enjoy activities like fishing, billiards, hammock-lazing, skeet shooting, and golfing on the deck, and dont worry, somehow, there’s WiFi.

While a trip to the states might not be on the in the near future just yet you can explore the Frying Pan Tower in the video below.

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