Astrolabe Marlborough Dry Riesling 2009

Astrolabe Marlborough Dry Riesling 2009 (12.5%, €19.95 down to €17.95, O’Briens)

24679-Astrolabe-RieslingSimon Waghorn’s Astrolabe outfit produce some cracking Sauvignon Blancs – both the standard and Awatere Valley are regular tipples in my house. Thankfully, some of his other wines also make it into Ireland, such as this superb Riesling.

The first thing you notice is the nose – there’s more than a whiff of a filling station forecourt, though whether it’s more unleaded or diesel is up for debate. Don’t let this put you off it’s actually rather pleasant, though not what you might expect from a white wine. The nose shows that the wine is well developed at seven years of age, and to be honest it’s quite unusual to be able to pick up an aged Riesling like this so easily.

Helpfully labelled as “Dry”, it does indeed have a dry finish, though there’s loads of sweet fruit before that so it’s far from austere. The lime and citrus fruit is matched with some spiciness, particularly ginger. Even without tasting it, from these notes it should be obvious that the wine would make a fantastic match for Asian cuisine, particularly Thai and Japanese Teppanyaki.

If you love wine but you’re not (yet) a Riesling convert then you owe it to yourself to try this wine!


EGL3zLiy_400x400Frankie caught the wine bug living in France in the 90s and has been sharing his love of wine ever since. He also writes for his own blog Frankly Wines, Glass Of Bubbly magazine and he runs private wine tasting events.

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