He’ll be Back… to Bordeaux: Arnold Schwarzenegger Made Ambassador of Major Wine Region

He'll be Back... to Bordeaux: Arnold Schwarzenegger Made Ambassador of Major Wine Region

Arnold Schwarzenegger has quite a varied CV: from body building champion to Hollywood superstar to California’s “Governator” and since last Sunday, Ambassadeur d’honneur des vins de Bordeaux, as Le Grand Conseil of the prestigious French wine region has honoured him with the title during la Fête le Vin.

Schwarzenegger, who has recently met with France’s President Emmauel Macron, is a vocal climate change activist and during his visit to the European nation, not only he discussed a clean-energy future with high-profile politicians including Macron, he took some time to visit legendary Cheval-Blanc to share lunch with winemaker Pierre Lurton.

He also attended the Libourne Wine Festival, unaware that he was to receive the accolade. He was invited there last April by Philippe Buisson, Major of Libourne, and as he got up the stage to receive a robe and a medal along with the honorific, he admitted to be genuinely surprised by the gesture.

Le Grand Conseil de Vins de Bordeaux welcomes several people every year and acknowledges them with different tittles. Being “Ambassadeur d’honneur”, the mention Schwarzenegger received, means a person is recognised as someone who is passionate about the wines from Bordeaux and able to bring with them and share the message of conviviality and brotherhood that the region and its wines represent.

He finished his heart-warming speech with a nod to one of his most beloved films: “I won’t say hasta la vista, baby… but I’ll be back!”.

More information: gcvb.fr/fr


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