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Apple and Chestnut Soup Recipe by Peter Clifford
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Apple and Chestnut Soup Recipe by Peter Clifford

This apple and chestnut soup is very easy to make and extremely versatile. It’s both seasonal yet delicate so it’s ideal for an autumnal meal on the lighter side.

Serves 4 – 6


– 2 pints of chicken stock
– 115 g shallots
– 170 g peeled potatoes
– 2 large apples
– 300 g chestnuts (poached and peeled)
– 20 g butter
– 200 ml cream
Toasted hazelnuts (to garnish)
– Seasoning, to taste


1. Melt the butter, then add shallots, apples and poached and peeled chestnuts.
2. Cook until it’s transparent in colour, and then add diced potatoes.
3. Season, and then add chicken stock and simmer for thirty minutes approximately.
4. Liquidize all ingredients and then pass them through a fine sieve.
5. Season to taste and then add cream. Garnish this soup with toasted hazelnuts and sliced fresh apple.

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